5 Essential Principles For Building Momentum
Learn and practice the science of momentum to create transformation in your business and life.
Going through this process activates what we call your “Pivot Mindset” and allows you to more brilliantly and resiliently change your direction.

The ability to be agile and flexible in the midst of change is one of the most valuable skills to have in business and life today. 

This process works regardless of your age, industry, expertise or educational background. It’s for anyone that’s committed to creating and living a life not as usual and truly outside the box!
What's Included In The Momentum Accelerator...
Training #1: Baby Steps
No matter how seemingly large, complex, or overwhelming, every pivot can be broken down— divided from larger leaps into smaller steps. This training will show you exactly how to begin "baby-stepping" your PIVOT.
Training #2: Pivot People
There is no doubt that whatever your vision might be or become, you will need and want the assistance of others. Whether you plan to start a business, write a book, or become an artist, lawyer, or mechanic, you’re going to need other people. Those others might be your family, your friends, your partners in business, or your coworkers. 
Training #3: PIVOT Rituals
A ritual is simply a sequence of events that’s repeated, usually at the same time and in the same place. You can think of a ritual as the “master habit” of your pivot. It’s a routine, performed regularly, that lets you build other routines.
Training #4: Waking Practice
I believe if you WIN your morning, you win your day. How you stay your day is essential to the success of your day and that's what this training is all about. 

You'll learn my 3 step morning practice for increasing your energy first thing in the morning.
Training #5: Meditation & Productivity Hack
In this training, you'll learn my simple 2 step process for creating peace of mind and productivity each day. This is a process that truly changed my life and I know you're going to love the benefits of implementing this practice in your life.
Training #6: Health Pact
You need energy to pivot. Positive energy, and lots of it. Some of that is going to arise out of your ability to develop healthy lifestyle habits. In this training, I'll share some of my favorite health habits and how you can implement these in your daily life.
Training #7: Success Journaling
Journaling is a popular ritual among successful pivoters. In this training, I'll walk you through a powerful process for journaling that will help you discover the "little gems" throughout your PIVOT experience.
Training #8: Developing Resilience
In this training, I'll share an essential practice for developing resilience, as your level of success is equivalent to how quickly you're able and willing to bounce back from failure or disappointment.
Training #9: Leveraging Muscle Testing
In this training, I'll share an incredible process to help you make better decisions and stay in momentum. It's super simple and you can use it for just about anything! Your mind is a very powerful tool and this process will help you to master it.
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"The PIVOT incubator is an ABSOLUTE MUST to help crack your shell of fear, anxiety, limited vision or whatever's holding you back from fulfilling your passions. Adam Markel is a world class, heart centric, teacher whose real world expertise will help find the shortcuts you need to expedite your success..." -Tom LeBlanc
"We honed in on what it is I'm meant to be doing and how I'm meant to be doing that... and I now have a new sense of direction for my business and personal life. The return on my investment has already come back 10 FOLD!" -Trina Watton
“Wow! Working with Adam as a facilitator and a teacher — master feels like an understatement. He brings so much compassion to everything he does. There’s this full integrity and love that surrounds every word that comes out of his mouth. It’s so supportive! It’s just beautiful. I’ve never been in another teaching experience that has been so profound!” -Sonya Nagy
"I've tripled the revenue in my business while working with Adam!" -Vivian Nesbitt
"PIVOT Incubator has made a huge difference in my personal and business life." -John Dillon
"It has allowed me to step outside of the box I was playing in and STOP playing small and show up in the world on a larger level..." -Raquel Walters
"Adams’ mentoring style has influenced greater confidence, clarity, and effectiveness in my ability to lead and facilitate keynotes, trainings, masterminds and other speaking engagements. Since working with Adam my company’s exposure, cliental and revenue has more than doubled!" -Rodney C. Flowers
"Adam has helped me hone and articulate my message in a way that appeals best to my target market. The individualized attention I have received has moved my business forward faster and with more professionalism than I had been able to do on my own." -Lewis Eisen
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